Quality results through partnerships


PCC has been serving the Northwest since 1968.  We have a diverse client base including Medical, Municipal, Commercial, Consumer, Utility and Retail accounts.  We pride ourselves in our flexibility and willingness to meet each of our client's individual needs. 

We are a traditional collection agency.  We do not provide any other services.  We focus only on collections and we believe our recovery and customer service success shows for it.  Our goals are to be an extension of our client’s business office.  We strive to provide a service that our clients don’t look at as a “necessary evil” but as a professional, ethical service just like any other.  We believe customer service is as important as recovery because we get zero recovery without a customer.

Our managers have decades of collection agency experience.  But it is our continuing education and sustainment training that makes us the best.  We retain collection attorney firm Davenport & Hasson LLP., plus we use a network of attorneys throughout the country.  We are actively involved in the Oregon Collectors Association to stay abreast of current law and procedures.

It is our policy to maintain a good relationship between you and your customer.  We are acting as your agent and strive to reflect a positive professional image upon your company.

At PCC we believe that most people want to pay their financial obligations.  Therefore, we attempt to work with the debtor to clear the debt as quickly as possible.  We do not harass consumers.  We encourage prompt payment in a fair and professional manner.

Our management team combines for over 50 years of third party collection experience.  We want our collectors to make this a career choice so we continue to challenge them with ongoing training, certification and responsibility. 

Third party debt collection includes billing, asset location/skip tracing, legal collections and of course traditional collections.  We can customize a program for you needs that include any or all of these functions.


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