Our business is about technology, yes.But it's also about operations and customer relationships.


We believe that our people are most important asset and the key to our success.  To use our most important asset in the most efficient manner, Pacific Coast Credit employs the latest hardware and software.  We have maintenance agreements with our hardware and software vendors to keep our systems up to date and secure.  All data is encrypted and protected behind multiple levels of firewalls. 

Our telephones, auto-dialers and main-frame database are fully integrated to create the highest level of call handling efficiency.   Collectors have the best asset location/skip tracing tools and sources at their disposal.  Some examples include:

Trans Unions Collection Prioritization Engine, Contact Locator.
Lexis Nexis
Credit Reports
DMV Records
Judicial Information Network
Corporate Commissions

We take security very seriously.  As part of our compliance program we have created very specific policies and procedures to limit the risk of loss of protected information.  These procedures apply to electronic and physical security.  We employ Role Based Access Controls in our physical security procedures.

Electronic security also starts with Role Based Access Controls and we retain only minimum necessary information. 

Our policies follow International Standard ISO/IEC 27002 "Information technology — Security techniques — Code of practice for information security management."


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